Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Take That, Billy "Coasting" Joel

I loves, loves, loves me my Stephen King.

I loves me my John Mellencamp - The Lonesome Jubilee is one of the most underappreciated albums to come out of the 80s, says me.

So this news - which was originally announced a few years back, but which now seems more solid, is most welcome, although I wish there was more to report on actual timing.

Good for Mellencamp to try to create an actual theater score, and not to just lend his songs out so that someone can fashion a lame jukebox musical out of them. And good for King, as he ages to seemingly take on an attitude of wanting to try pretty much anything new, rather that just turn out novel after novel. A baseball book? Why not? A comic book? Sure. A musical? Bring it on.

Color me very excited.

Until Whenever

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