Friday, January 06, 2006

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "Goodbye Until Tomorrow" - Lauren Kennedy (song by Jason Robert Brown) - Songs of Jason Robert Brown
Big, emotional, energetic musical theater song with a real pop feel.

2. "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) - John Mellencamp - Big Daddy
I remember this as a hidden track on my original cassette. Very fun romp of a song.

3. "Flowers" - Danny Elfman - Batman (Score)
Sweet, romantic, melancholy music from Elfman's score, still one of his best to me.

4. "Fresno Beauties (Part Two) - Frank Loesser - The Most Happy Fella (2000 Studio Cast)
Short snippet of a song with a real old-world celebratory Italian feel.

5. "Shot With His Own Gun" - Elvis Costello - Trust
Odd song, with a kind of old-west, saloon piano player, melodramatic feel, just Elvis singing and Steve Nieve on piano.

6. "I Didn't Understand" - Elliot Smith - XO
A capella piece with Smith, I'm assuming, dubbing himself into a kind of white Boyz II Men vocal group.

7. "The Sermon" - Rodgers & Hammerstein - Carousel (1994 Broadway Revival Cast)
Short dialogue snippet.

8. "Et exinde quaerebat Pilatus . . . " - Arvo Part - Johannes-Passion
Stark, solo choir stuff with a kind of medieval feel.

9. "Lea's News/Light of the Force" - John Williams - Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Score)
Tender bit of writing from the end of the last Star Wars film, with bits of Han Solo and Lea's theme, the force theme, and others I'm sure I'm not recognizing.

10. "Beetlejuice" - Danny Elfman - Music for a Darkened Theater - Vol. I
One of Elfman's best-ever isolated themes, and one that's been stolen God-knows how many times. Simply brilliant.

Until Whenever

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