Friday, January 27, 2006

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "It's OK" - Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories
Tracy, love her as I do, can be a bit dry--this has the faintest aroma of funk wafting throughout it.

2. "A Punch Up at a Wedding (No No No No No No)" - Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
The iPod has shy nods to funk on the brain. This piece, in its strutting piano riff, winks at a little of the funk a well.

3. "As Time Goes By" - Betty Buckley - Betty Buckley: An Evening at Carnegie Hall
An understated, cabaret-feeling rendition of the classic tune.

4. "Nightmare (From Dead Presidents) - Danny Elfman - Music for a Darkened Theatre, Vol. 2, Film and Television Music
Elfman lets loose with some, I swear it, funky guitar and organ for this score snippet.

5. "Tears at the Birthday Party" - Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach - Painted from Memory
Old-school style and swagger.

6. "Briar Ridge" - Thomas Newman - The Green Mile (Score)
Tense string stabs and some rattling cans in an atmospheric cut.

7. "Come Spirit, Come Charm" - Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman - The Secret Garden (Original Broadway Cast)
From near the finale, a rousing number of triumph.

8. "I Fell In Love with You" - Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind
Dylan settles into a smooth, bluesy groove and delivers a knock-out vocal.

9. "No Life" - Stephen Sondheim - Sunday in the Park with George
Sondheim mocks his detractors with this song featuring a high-society couple mocking a Georges Seurat work in much the same terms that many a critic has degraded Sondheim with: "It has no presence, no passion, no life."

10. "Redemption Song" - Wycleaf Jean - America: A Tribute to Heroes
A passionately felt and delivered rendition of the classic, from the just-days after 9/11 telethon/concert.

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