Friday, January 20, 2006

How I Met Whose Mother?

Over at the Newark Star-Ledger, TV critic Alan Sepinwall writes about the storytelling corner the How I Met Your Mother writers have painted themselves into. Simply put, the two leads, Ted and Robin, have great chemistry, but in the pilot the future narrator (the lead as an older man) tells us that Robin is not the titular Mother after all, but rather Aunt Robin. So Robin and Ted will not end up together--at least, not permanently.

Crazy notion, though. Have they ever firmly established that future narrator Ted is talking to his kids? Could he be not telling his niece and nephew the story of how he met their mother? Making Aunt Robin Ted's wife?

No, probably not. My guess is that they have clearly stated that future Ted is talking to his kids. But if not - there would be a neat twist.

Until Whenever


tomthedog said...

Wow, I like your theory. I totally want Ted and Robin to end up together -- but I think they've definitely established Saget as the father of the kids. Maybe not -- I'll need to watch more closely from here on out. And if Robin really is only Aunt Robin... how much you wanna bet Barney is Uncle Barney?

Tosy And Cosh said...

I think they have too - but I can't remember for sure. Future Ted has already referred to "Uncle Barney," no? Could they be hiding the eventual Robin-Barney pairing in plain view?