Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Five Things About Me

Because it would be rude to not respond to a tag:

1. I like to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Eggo waffles instead of bread. Yes, I am a tad overweight--why do you ask?

2. You know that part in Beauty and the Beast when Belle and the Beast start to bond, over that sprightly tune that the teapot and the candleholder and the clock sing, and they have a snowball fight? That scene makes me cry. No idea why.

3. I directed a youth theater production of Man of La Mancha of which I am inordinately proud; in particular, proud of the way I staged "The Impossible Dream."

4. If I had unlimited money, one of the things I would do would be to bankroll a production of Sweeney Todd solely so I could cast Mandy Patinkin as Sweeney--I sincerely have as one of the things I desperately hope to have happen before I die hearing Patinkin let loose on "Epiphany."

5. One of the most fun activities I've ever engaged in consisted of playing a game with friends in the woods that involved, basically, a game of tag atop a acre or two-sized span of the wood in which all the trees had been knocked down and were all tangled together. Stepping foot on the actual forest floor meant you were out, so there was lots of running on tree trunks five or ten feet above ground, jumping across spans, etc. Giddy fun.

Until Whenever

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