Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Buried Beauties - Ashley Williams

In honor of Ashley Williams' presumed upcoming stint on my favorite new sitcom in quite a while, How I Met Your Mother, I afford her Buried Beauty status and all the rights and privileges associated thereof. (None, really, but hey).

(If you didn't see it - this week's episode had Ted, after much drama, pulling off a wedding date for Robin and he, only to have Robin get pulled away to work at the last minute. At the very end, a newly-resolved-to-singlehood-Ted spies Ms. Williams sitting at a table and they share a smile. Presumably the next few eps - if not more - will feature a triangle between Ted, Robin, and the new Williams character.)

Until Whenever


tomthedog said...

She is tremendously cute, all right. Glad to see she'll be sticking around for a little while. She was wasted on Good Morning Miami, but I always thought she'd find something right for her. Hope this is it.

Tosy And Cosh said...

What wasn't wasted on GMM? I remember marveling at what a big difference writing can make in the perception of an actor. The lead, Mark Fuerstein, was very good in an extended guest spot on Once & Again, where he was given gold, and just horrible on GMM, where was given, well, whatever the opposite of god is. Tin?