Friday, January 13, 2006

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "When the Children Are Asleep" - Rodgers & Hammerstein - Carousel (1994 Broadway Revival Cast)
An early Rodgers & Hammerstein "song-scene," not as heralded as the landmark "Soliloquy" from the same show, but still a solid, dramatic scene comprising a seamless merge of dialogue and song.

2. "The Loved Ones" - Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom
A vaguely Buddy Holly-esque rock/pop song from one of Costello's best albums.

3. "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" - Paul Simon (sung by Sal Viviano) - The Paul Simon Album - Broadway Sings the Best of Paul Simon
Yuck. A gorgeous, gorgeous song turned into a bad lounge song.

4. "Nostalgia de Mexico" - Dave Brubeck - Ballads
A gently swishing, Mexico-tinged piece.

5. "O Come, All Ye Faithful" - Ed Ames - A Time-Life Christmas
Big and traditional, with choral backup.

6. "Give Me One Reason" - Tracy Chapman - New Beginning
This song, a surprise second hit for the presumed forgotten Tracy Chapman, got subtly butchered by radio. The album cut starts with a solo guitar playing through the full melody of the song, then the guitar repeats the melody, but this time with Chapman singing. Only then does the full band kick in. In the radio cut, that whole first guitar part was mostly cut, completely destroying the sly, structural build she had built into the song.

7. "Crime of the Century" - Supertramp - Best of Supertramp
I like dramatic songs that sound as if they should be accompanying the climaxes of films. This is one.

8. "Bevenuta" - Frank Loesser - The Most Happy Fella (2000 Studio Cast)
A men's quartet vocalizing through an old-Italy pastiche.

9. "Shhh/Peaceful" - Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
Cool, Daddy-O.

10. "Opportunity" - Stephen Sondheim - Bounce (Original Cast)
The main characters' father urges them to seek their fortunes in the gold rush.

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