Monday, May 02, 2005

Superman Casting (Or Why I Should be in Charge of Everything)

Next summer will see the release of a brand-new; big, honking, huge; supery-dupery big deal; mega-mega-million dollar new Superman movie. And as a bit of a comics fan (albeit one who stopped buying the things a year or two ago), I've been following the project with some interest. As Big Blue himself the producers have cast a relative unknown, Brandon Routh; as super-genius super-villain Lex Luthor they've cast the much-in-need-of-a-hit Kevin Spacey; and as gal reporter Lois Lane they've cast Kate Bosworth, who's played the generic "pretty girl" in a handful of movie to date. It's in this last move that I think a golden opportunity has been lost.

Fans of the TV show Gilmore Girls and the Superman character (are there such beasts?) will understand what I'm talking about when I say that Lauren Graham, who plays the verbally gifted Lorelei on that delightfully witty and fast-paced show, would have been the perfect choice for the spunky, His-Gal-Friday-esque Lois Lane. Lois is supposed to be tough, smart, quick with a quip, and, of course, damn, damn, damn pretty. All of which Graham displays with aplomb Tuesday nights on the WB. Graham as Lois Lane is one of those ideas that seems, to me anyway, just so obvious, and it's a shame they didn't consult me before casting the film. When will the world learn to come to me for advise?

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