Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Must Have Been Some Nasty Love

I haven't watched this year's American Idol as much as previous seasons', having gone over the deep end for Gilmore Girls. Still, I caught just a little of last night's performances (during GG commercial breaks) and was struck by something during Vonzell's performance of "I Know I'll Never Love this Way Again."

Throughout the entire song, she was smiling. Big, happy smile. The main lyric, the one that gets pounded out over and over, is the same as the title: "I know I'll never love this way again." The song is about the sadness one feels when realizing that that one love, that one love that got away, will never, ever be equaled. And yet she sang it as if she was happy about it. Astounding. The biggest problem I've always had with the AI singers is the disconnect from the lyrics, how they so often barely seem to have even a notion of what the song is about. this was just one particularly glaring example of it.

Until Whenever

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