Monday, April 28, 2008

Why iTunes Works

Five years ago there would be no way to get a high-quality version of the end-credits "overture" composed by Michael Giacchino for Cloverfield. The piece - 9 minutes in the theater - was too short for a CD. But with iTunes? It's completely feasible to release the piece commercially - as iTunes is doing tomorrow. And I'm thrilled. I love Giacchino's stuff, and have been searching for this piece ever since I saw the film. It does make me wonder, though, why others haven't followed suit. I mean, while lots of films get CD score releases, lots don't. And I can see how a CD release for a minor film's score might not be cost-productive. You have to print, manufacturer, ship. But on iTunes, all you have to do is get them the music. And its already recorded. So why, for one example, isn't there an iTunes album available of Joseph Vitarelli's excellent score? Isn't it just money waiting to be found?

eta - Just saw that there was a CD released for John Adams on April 22. So, bad example. Concept still holds, though.

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