Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My new favorite thing. I think I've listened to it ten times since purchasing yesterday. It's just a great piece of film music, and at 12:17, it's a substantial work as well. I love the booming in-the-distance tympani footsteps that slowly, quietly begin the piece; I love the martial, serio-anxious strings that open the first real melodic sounds, and I love the awesomely broad and big brass sounds that come in with the main theme about four minutes in. I love the just-shy-of-satirical female choir. And I love that, today, someone can write a single piece of music for a film and have it available to the public to purchase.

I also purchased the John Adams score by John Lane and Joseph Vitarelli, and it's a fine piece of work. They don't hit the fife-and-drum sound you so often hear in "revolutionary war" pieces too much, while not ignoring it completely. The main theme (heard over the credits) is a great piece of stirring, dramatic writing, and there are some nicely turned and sweet melodic phrases to be found throughout.

These will hold me nicely until Tuesday, when Momofuku, Elvis Costello's first rock album since either The Delivery Man or When I Was Cruel (depending on how you define "rock") hits stores. And shortly after that, on June 3rd, Aimee Mann has a new album coming out. A good time for this music fan.

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