Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol - Weighing in At Last

With seven Idols left, and with the Tosy-wheelhouse Andrew Lloyd Weber edition nigh upon us, I figured I might as well weigh in with my thoughts:

Brooke White
May be the one I'd most likely buy an album from, given her laid-back, emotive style and the relative lack of oversinging and melisma-worship. That being said, she's not particularly special (like Melinda Doolittle was - what happened to her, anyhow?), and her style is far too relaxed to win the thing.
Lloyd Weber suggestion: "Another Suitcase in Another Hall"

Carly Smithson
I might buy a Carly album as well, but probably not, given the R&B-light, overly produced and poppy niche they'd surely shove her in. That said, I think she's the most technically assured singer this year, with a very powerful, very controlled voice, and a good command of how to convey a lyric. She does lack a bit of stage presence though, and never appears "effortless."
Lloyd Weber suggestion: "Gethsemane" (Although AI allowing a female to sing as Jesus is highly unlikely)

David Archuleta
Proof positive that a strong choice with some technical control does not a singer make. Archuleta's singing is soulless, contrived, and by-the-numbers, and I have yet to enjoy any of his performances.
Lloyd Weber suggestion: "Tell Me on a Sunday" - something quiet and subdued.

David Cook
His aggressive use of interesting covers is smart and he does them well -he's got a genuine rock voice but doesn't scream things out. I like this guy a lot, and would be curious to see what he does on his own, away from the Idol thumb.
Lloyd Weber suggestion: "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Jason Castro
He's limited, but so are lots of great singers (not that he's one). Whether or not he can have a post-Idol career will be determined by how good a songwriter he is. Sensitive acoustic guitar types MUST write their own material. It's in a book somewhere.

Kristy Lee Cook
Smart choices and good timing have kept her alive, but, while she's fine, there's nothing at all special here.
Lloyd Weber suggestion: "I Don't Know How to Love Him"

Syesha Mercado
The kind of big-voiced, melisma-laden Mariah clone i have no taste for at all. That said, she has a very strong instrument and good technical skill.
Lloyd Weber suggestion: "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina"

Edited to add: Not sure where I saw that this week was lloyd Weber, but it's Mariah Carey. Now I'm just depressed.

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bill said...

Just in case you haven't heard this...

Here's a few selections from Jesus Christ Superstar + A Resurrection. A 1994 recreation of the rock opera with Atlanta artists, released on Amy Ray's label.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Heard very little of it - don't know many of the artists, so I was never compelled enough to check it out. I probably should.