Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Podcasts

I continue to nose around for interesting podcasts from time to time. Some recent finds:

CBC Radio: Beethoven Symphonies in 9 Days
Conductor Bramwell Tovey, of the Montreal Symphony, discusses each of Beethoven's symphonies in these nine podcasts, going over each movement and demonstrating at the piano what Beethoven was doing musically movement to movement. Very accessible to a musical neophyte like me (you don't need much theory at all to appreciate these).

Crackle: Penn Says
Penn Teller points a camcorder on himself and expounds on whatever comes to mind. Very much like a traditional blog, but on video. Penn has interesting views and these short 5-10 minute pieces are just the right size for hearing them - any longer and it would start to get pedantic.

Until Whenever

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