Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tosy and Cosh and Apple

Tosy and Cosh's reactions to the latest news from Apple!!

1) Super-thin laptop!!! - My computer is five or six years old, and I will probably not be investing in a new one for a few years more. And when I do, although I am interested in getting a laptop this go-round, a $1,800 one ain't even on the same table as the cards.

2) iPhone software upgrades!! - Don't have an iPhone, ain't getting one soon, so don't care.

3) iTunes movie rentals - I do have an iPod, though. And I do rent movies. I might give this a try. But watching a whole film on that tiny iPod screen isn't fun. And I'm not sure if I could use my work laptop that comes on the train with me (how I watch many DVDs now). And I'm already paying Blockbuster $17 a month or whatever it is. Now, if they introduce a similar unlimited pricing plan . . .

5) New Apple TV - a box I can use to watch iTunes content on my TV? If that unlimited rental thing comes in, Blockbuster could be in trouble.

6) Wireless hard drive - Yawn.

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