Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Santa was good to Tosy and Cosh this year, so in the coming months we expect to be enjoying:

The Joshua Tree reissue - The CD of bonus tracks at first blush seems pretty thin, with a lot of stuff I already have, but the DVD of the Paris show is great, and includes a rendition of "The Unforgettable Fire," which I have never heard live.

Chrome Dreams II - Neil Young - Haven't listened to it yet.

The Bootleg Series Volumes I-III - Bob Dylan - Haven't listened yet, but am very excited to finally have completed my Dylan "Bootleg" collection.

Magic - Bruce Springsteen - Have heard it and love it, so am glad to have a copy for my very own.

Lost Season 3 - I still my break down and try and watch this before season 4 starts. With a 45 minute train ride each morning and evening, I can get 10 episodes done a week, so it's very doable. But I know I'm going to want to watch it all when it's done, so am not sure I want to rewatch seasons now.

Freaks and Geeks - This will be seen with the wife, who has seen some of it but nearly all.

Simpsons Season 10 - Pretty sure there are a few episodes in here I have not seen. Yay!

Spider-Man 3 - This is more of a "want the collection" than a "want to watch now" thing. None of the extras seem that compelling.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Ditto.

The Rest Is Noise - Alex Ross - I'm a 100 or so pages in and loving it. I really need to read it with a laptop though, so as to make use of the music samples Ross has posted on his blog.

Old Man's War - John Scalzi - The incessant pluggage over at Whatever has succeeded - I haven't read a sci-fi novel in a long while, but I'm reading this one.

The Complete Peanuts - 1950-1954 - Charles Schultz - A beautiful collection. I don't think I'll want the whole thing when it's done, but the first decade or so? Sure.

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