Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A: Madison, the Grouch, and Meyer

Brief thoughts on the Oscar nominations, made so (brief) primarily because of the paucity of films seen by me in 2007:
  • Johnny Depp's nomination as best actor is very well-deserved, even if he will likely not win.
  • Signs of auto-pilot - Cate Blanchett's nomination for the Elizabeth sequel seemed out of left field - wasn't that film mostly panned?
  • Ellen Page was as good-as-advertised in Juno - I'd love to see her win
  • No Simpsons Movie for Best Animated Film. Hm.
  • Sweeney Todd for Art Direction and Costume Design is very nice to see - it was a beautifully and impeccably designed film
  • Sorry not to see Burton nominated as Best Director. Of the nominees, I've only seen Juno, which did balance its tome exceedingly well.
  • Genius Lost composer Michael Giacchino has his first nomination, which made me deeply, deeply happy. Have already requested the Ratatouille score from the library.
  • With three nominations, Alan Menken continues to receive copious Oscar love. I wonder where he sits on the most-nominated list? Pretty high I bet. Still haven't heard or seen Enchanted, so can't comment otherwise.
  • Of the Best Picture nominees I have only seen Juno.
  • I actually think Spider-Man 3 achieved a new level of greatness in using visual effects to do comic book action, and would have liked to see a nomination. I actually think the effects there were better than Transformers, which for all of the flash and sparkle were not all that understandable.
  • Ratatouille for screenplay? Awesome.

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