Monday, October 01, 2007

What I'd Do

Last week's third-season premiere of How I Met Your Mother gave us a little tease, in that we finally viewed the titular mother - albeit from above, with everything but her legs hidden underneath a yellow umbrella. And so with this episode, the show has defined for us that the mother will have a yellow umbrella when we meet her. Fine. And I can already see the episode where we are introduced to a new love interest for Ted, with the woman revealing her yellow umbrella at the end. And that would be cool. But what they might do (what I would do) is establish a recurring comic relief character - think Janice on Friends - a character with lots of very distasteful traits; a sitcom villain. Have her come back several times, establish her as part of this universe, as the Lex Luthor to the gang's Superfriends. And then reveal that it is she that is in possession of that umbrella - maybe as the last shot in a season finale. And then let the show be about how this pretty annoying character will become the love of Ted's wife. That would be cool.

Until Whenever

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Tom the Dog said...

I like that idea! And I love this show, and want it to keep going for a long time, so I'm not hoping for a reveal of Ted's future wife anytime soon (because her introduction will surely signal the beginning of the end).