Thursday, October 18, 2007


Take a quick look to your right. Tosy and Cosh, since 9/4, have been trying to eat better and exercise in an effort to lose weight and improve overall weight. Why? Because, at 5'11'', Tosy and Cosh are overweight, and Tosy and Cosh would like to be able to do things like play basketball and baseball with their kids. Without, you know, feeling like a lung will soon be aspirated into the air. So - the graph. I've been keeping track of progress on a simple bar graph as a motivational tool. And, I figured if I put it up here, in public, and let others look at it - and gave others the opportunity to berate me if I start sliding, or stop posting it out of embarrassment, well that can only help. So, if you see that thin red line start to tick upwards, please feel free to chide me most vehemently. I will deserve it.

Until Whenever


Roger Green said...

I saw the graphic before, but not presently. It's possible that I saw it at home and it's blocked at work.

On a totally different subject, TV Guide, Oct 29-Nov 4, page 25: Audra McDonald interview.

Tosy And Cosh said...

oooo - good one?

Roger Green said...

It's just one page, a little silly, but I liked it.

Roger Green said...

Oh. I could scan it to a PDF and then e-mail the page. Send me an e-mail (address on my blog) if you want and give me your e-mail.