Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ten Reasons I May Delete Heroes from My TiFaux

1. Not enough characters interacting - we already did the whole "disparate storylines that will only come together at the end of the season" thing last year. This year, I wanted more working together.

2. Slow pacing. I know 22 episodes is a lot, but mindlessly drawn out things like Peter's amnesia and his refusal to find out who he is is just torturous.

3. Interesting characters who don't get anything interesting to do. Claire, Hiro, Nathan, hell, even Peter and Parkman I find interesting. And yet that interest has not paid off at all - the characters feel like they are being artificially kept in status-quo affirming, glacially slow plots to keep things from moving too fast. Because they are.

4. A soundtrack that is far too repetitive. That one mournful Eastern wail thing is cool, but that's all it ever is.

5. Hiro is the most interesting character, and he is trapped in a time travel plot that is boring me to tears.

6. The Mexican Wonder twins represent the most important new characters and they are boring, with convoluted and strange powers.

7. Only one awesome Tim Sale painting so far.

8. I just finished Deadwood, and so know how good Stephen Tobolowski really is.

9. The silliness of HRG and Claire and family hiding in a big house in the suburbs, instead of staying on the run.

10. The most interesting characters are the older heroes, and demographics being what they are, we know they won't be getting any real screentime.

I have not watched episodes 4 and 5 yet. My new modus operandi, I think, is going to be to continue to record the show, but to read Sepinwall's take after each airing. Unless there seems to be a reason to watch, I will delete the episodes as they go.

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