Thursday, July 13, 2006


Mandy Patinkin fans (and anyone interested in theatrical singing at its best) would be well-served to check out the newly well-stocked Mandy Patinkin page on YouTube. The Chicago Hope clips, in particular, are a beautiful blast from the past--especially the "I Dreamed a Dream" clip, which I would not be surprised at all to learn earned him the Emmy he won that year (unless it was the intense rendition of "Rock-a Bye Your Baby" - also at YouTube - that did it. ) If there is any season of any TV Show I'd pay handsomely to get on DVD, that first season of Chicago Hope would be the one. There's also a nice collection of songs he did on Larry King Live in the mid-90s, including a gorgeous medley of "Casey," "The Band Played On," and "Once Upon a Time." Oh, hell, just check them all out.

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