Friday, July 28, 2006

Iconoclast Pop Views

On his blog, Ken Jennings asks for folks' iconoclastic pop culture opinions - pop culture opinions you hold that sharply veer from the critical and popular consensus. A few of mine:
  • Timothy Dalton is a better Bond than Brosnan (this is on Jennings' list too, so maybe it's not THAT iconoclastic)
  • Raging Bull is boring.
  • Sophie Coppela was fine in The Godfather Three. Not great or even particularly good, but hardly distractingly bad
  • Don Dellilo's White Noise put me to sleep
  • Jon Lovitz's performance in Mom and Dad Save the World is brilliant comedy
  • Kevin Nealon was one of the best SNL Weekend Update anchors
  • Thom Yorke is a horrid singer
  • London Calling is monotonous and boring
  • Good Night and Good Luck was neither engaging or inspiring
  • The Soul Cages is Sting's best album, by leaps and bounds

Until Whenever


Roger Owen Green said...

"London Calling is monotonous and boring." Now, that's just silly.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I SAID they would be "iconoclast!" ;)