Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Fine Five

Nothing like a easy-peasy meme when the originality is at baseline levels. Thanks, Jaquandor!

Five things . . . my refrigerator.
1. Lots of milk for the rugrats - whole for the very little twin and 2% for the still-small-but-not-as-crazily-so twin.
2. A big container of meatballs I made Sunday, dwindling day-by-day.
3. A refrigerator case of Diet Pepsi.
4. A slowly rotting cantaloupe we keep forgetting to cut up.
5. Yogurt for the younglings.

. . . in my closet.
1. Beach shoes, loafers, old sneakers, old sandals, old dress shoes.
2. Lots of shirts I should really toss.
3. A plethora of shoeboxes.
4. Old belts.
5. Our hamper. my bag (the one I take too and from work)
1. A copy of Lloyd Alexander's The Black Cauldron (I'm re-reading the Prydain series)
2. The current New Yorker. (Good article on Wikipedia)
3. A mostly depleted pack of Extra bubblegum-flavored gum.
4. My checkbook.
5. My glasses (in their case). my vehicle.
1. A copy of Caitlin Flanagan's To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Your Inner Housewife (waiting to be returned to the library). A good book, but it leans perhaps too heavily on her portfolio of magazine articles.
2. Dozens of green plastic newspaper bags (tossed on the back seat floor every morning)
3. Elvis Costello's The Delivery Man.
4. A Belkin iPod cup holder.
5. At least one empty Diet Pepsi can.

...on my desk.
1. Way too many loose papers.
2. The monitor for the home computer - a Sony VAIO.
3. A spindle of CD-Rs.
4. The cable modem and the currently not working router.
5. An extra mouse and Ethernet cable for when I work from home and need to plug in my laptop.

...on my walls.
1. Lots of pictures of the kidses.
2. A poem written by my wife's grandmother that I had done for her over a picture of the chillins and framed.
3. The Mel Blanc commemorative lithograph (the one with a grouping of Looney Tunes characters with heads bowed next to s spotlight hitting a lonely microphone).
4. Some cheap Home Goods-bought prints, including a Monet.
5. Some wall vases framing the china cabinet.

....on my bookshelves (other than books).
1. A box of juggling balls.
2. A Spider-Man action figure, hanging from a gargoyle head.
3. Assorted art supplies.
4. A spindle of DVR-R+s.
5. Many, many picture frames.

. . . I want to do in the next few years.
1. Expand the novella I wrote for my MA.
2. Begin writing criticism again.
3. See an opera or two.
4. See a Broadway play or five.
5. Teach the monkeys how to hit a baseball.

And two new ones I'll add.

. . . On my nightstand.
1. The remote for the TV.
2. The following books: A paperback collection of Eugene O'Neill plays, Helter Skelter, The annotated Wizard of Oz and Huckleberry Finn, The 2006 Writer's Guide, and Mystic River.
3. A small, travel-sized, battery-powered alarm clock.
4. A dusty lamp.
5. A candle with change in it.

. . . I'm hoping to get for my birthday
1. The new Dylan album.
2. A DVD of The Incredibles.
3. A ticket to a Broadway play.
4. The Complete New Yorker
5. A new basketball.

Until Whenever

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