Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tony Thoughts

In lazy-ass bullet point style!!
  • Did A Chorus Line really need to come back?
  • Curtains didn't look all that compelling, but did David Hyde Pierce look like he was having the time of his life, or what?
  • Audra McDonald can do no wrong. Adored the peroxide joke. (The role of Lizzie in the original 110 in the Shade was not written for a black actress. In the song she performed, in which Lizzie is proclaiming how "raunchy" she can be, there's a lyric that goes "I'll pour peroxide on my head." After singing that line, the black McDonald shook her head and (in character) said "no, I'm not gonna do that." Priceless.)
  • Frank Langella gave as eloquent and well-written speech as I've ever seen on an awards show.
  • Always nice to see someone genuinely surprised to win - Julie White was delightful.
  • A compelling reading of "Being Alive," but doesn't having him get up from the piano nullify the point of him being there in the first place?
  • Christine Ebersole was great in her number, but as my wife pointed out, the (albeit deliberate) nasally voice she affected for the song could well keep potential ticket buyers away!
  • I'm enough of a purist to find it kind of lame that Jersey Boys and The Color Purple got numbers performed, when they were year-old shows. You have to believe that the producers of Legally Blonde (which did not get a slot) were incensed.
  • I really would like to see Spring Awakening.

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