Monday, June 04, 2007

Crystal Ball Gazing

What will Tosy and Cosh be watching in the fall? We'd guess:

How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, and CSI: Miami.
Mother is just great and inertia will probably have me tune in to The Big Bang. The wife likes Two and a Half Men and CSI: David Caruso Loves His Sunglasses, so inertia will work there too. Heroes gets TiFauxed, as does maybe Journeyman.

The demise of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars opens some holes, and yet remarkably none of what I'm seeing makes me want to fill them. House at 9, sure, but that's about it.

8-9 Pushing Daisies looks very interesting and may just hook the wife. But we've never seen an episode of Grey's so no spinoff for us. Over to CBS for Criminal Minds for a procedural/Mandy fix, but nothing at 10 intrigues. Bionic Woman gets TiFauxed.

NBC will keep us watching all night. No changes here.

8-9 Men in Trees was much better than its premise might suggest, so we'll come back for that, but that's about it.

I love me my Simpsons, but the musical fan in me has to check out Viva Laughlin.

Until Whenever


DonGee said...

Simpsons has gone way, way downhill, and Viva Laughlin sounds like a really fresh concept. I like the musical/gangster combo. Will definitely give it a shot.

Tosy And Cosh said...

My take on Simpsons has been that, while from season 10 on it hasn't been as good as the glory years of seasons three-nine, it's still consistently funny and worth watching. I tend to think that many of the on-line detractors tend to exagerrate the (real) quality slide. So while I agree with the sentiment in theory, I wouldn't go as far as to say "way, way" downhill.