Monday, March 12, 2007

Requiem for a Ti-Faux

I posted earlier about how my Ti-Faux exploded leaving me exposed and rudderless. The gory details about what its untimely demise has wrought:
  • Haven't seen the last three episodes of Veronica Mars (and yet remain remarkably ignorant of the identity of Dean O'Dell's killer!)
  • Missed my first Lost in two years last Wednesday.
  • Am now three (I think) episodes of Heroes behind, and am almost a month into the "Psychic cop, radioactive guy, and bluetooth girl invade HRG and Claire's home" cliffhanger.
  • Still haven't seen that Gilmore Girls Lane's shower ep that the machine died during.
  • Was going to give The Black Donnellys a try. Not anymore.
  • Have only seen bits and pieces of American Idol, not being able to record and speed through.
  • Missed the last new Office and a few 30 Rocks, Scrubs, and ERs.
  • Missed STEPHEN SONDHEIM - Tosy and Cosh oracle and figure of worship - on THE SIMPSONS - Tosy and Cosh "best television program ever. Yes, Charlie Brown, AUGHHH! indeed.
Now, I realize that a great many of these episodes are available either on iTunes or for free on the various networks sites, but:
  • The networks only offer streams, and for some reason watching TV on my laptop at home never seems to happen. for one thing, I watch most of this stuff with the wife, and it's not the most comfortable viewing situation to share a laptop screen.
  • The iTunes stuff won't for some reason download right on my laptop, and watching a TV show on the monitor in my basement is just not enjoyable. Also, at $1.99 a pop, that habit could get expensive and right quick.
I know, I know - woe is me. But it is amusing to realize just how dependent we had become on the new TV-watching paradigm of time shifting. And sooner, rather than later, we must get it back!

Until Whenever


Roger Green said...

Mmy condolences, since I'm as far back as you with Scrubs, The Office and Earl. I loved the GG shower episode, as much for Lorelei brokering peace (thus showing she really IS competent) as for the solution for Lane's bed rest. (I'd tell you, but don't know if you want to know.)

Tosy And Cosh said...

You can spill. GG ain't out there for free. I liked the last one (recorded and watched on a VCR!) a lot, especially the tying of continuity and the interplate betwen three generations of GGs. And the Zack and Luke stuff was funny and on target as well.

Roger Green said...

I was going to explain, then I figure, "Why bother?"

But it is Rory, Lorelai, Zach and Mrs. Kim moving Lane in the bed, not just the GGs, as the synopsis implies. It's a great scene. In fact, some of my favorite scenes of this show involve Mrs. Kim - when she told the band how they were going to do the church tour, when HER mother came to Lane and Zach's wedding, etc.

Lefty said...

I may be able to help you with the missing Veronica Mars. Ive been burning Season 3 to DVD-R, so I can free up room and watch later. When I get through them I can mail them your way. Email me with your addy.