Friday, January 19, 2007

Rather Like My Thighs
I make no bones about simply adoring the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. Saw it three times - once with my sisters, once with my other sister and brother and my father, and once with my wife, sister and brother-in-law and niece. I love the robust, full-flavored old-school score Alan Menken and Howard Ashman fashioned for the film and how it seamlessly transitioned to the Broadway stage. I love the very of-a-piece new songs Menken wrote with Tim Rice--the fact that in the Broadway version the Beast gets to sing is no minor thing in my eyes. (And the song he does sing, "If I Can't Love Her" is a gorgeous piece of music, and one that takes some of its internal melodies and harmonic ideas from music that was already in the film - the bridge takes the melody that underscores the opening narration). I love that they did such a fine job of crafting an engaging, colorful, spectacle-laden piece of theater that could speak so well to really little kids. I love that they sold (and maybe still sell) little t-shits that say "My First Broadway Show"). I love the tenderness and subtlety with which they allow Belle to fall in love with the Beast who has imprisoned her. Hell, I love that logo above, such an elegant and beautiful piece of poster art.

So I'm sad. Sad that, as of July, Beauty and the Beast will finally close, thus depriving me of the chance to take my kids to see it, as I've been wanting to since I saw it the first time. Not upset, since 13 years is by any reasonable measure one hell of a healthy run. They're not being crass or stupid in closing it. And that a Little Mermaid musical will replace it - replete with a whole slate of new Alan Menken music - is some comfort. But still. Sad.

Bye, Beauty. We'll miss you.

Until Whenever

Added: No, I have no idea what the title means in relation to the post. I just love the lyric.


Roger Owen Green said...

oh, but there will be touring companies forever...

Tosy And Cosh said...

Very good point. I feel better!