Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007. I Remember When 1987 Seemed Like an Improbable Year

Tosy and Cosh are back and (somewhat - OK, hardly) rested. And what better way to dive back into the deep end than with a Meme. Thanks, Jaquandor!

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I spent a good portion of the X-Mas break in pain, a long-dormant wisdom tooth finally deciding to make its presence known. As of later this week, I will no longer be one of those people with all of their teeth.

2. If I had to list the five most rewarding experiences of my life, singing in the chorus in a performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony would be in the mix. I still remember vividly how remarkably overpowered I was by the music and the orchestra and the moment - one of those rare times when (for me) it seems possible, nay, obvious, that a God exists and that he is grand - otherwise how could such glory exist? That's saying something powerful about how remarkable music can be, considering how I'm an atheist and all.

3. I used to run, and well (recording a personal best time of 18:58 in a 5K run in cross country in high school). Now, at the tender age of 32, I'm embarrassingly out of shape with a bum knee to boot. Time (and laziness) can suck.

4. After college, I interviewed for an entry-level editorial job at Swank magazine (the low-class version, if you can believe it, of Hustler). I bailed out of the interview after the proofreading test of the porn star's sex column made me realize that working in hardcore porn - even in print only - every day would not be good for my psyche.

5. I, as a maybe five-year old, hit my the side of father's above-ground swimming pool with a hammer to "see what would happen." (The answer? Hundreds (thousands?) of gallons of water pour into the small lot behind your father's store and he gets very, very mad. And everyone assumes sublimated anger issues related to your parents' divorce are to blame.)

Until Whenever

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