Friday, January 05, 2007

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "Ticket to Heaven" - Dire Straits - On Every Street
A sweet bit of irony, with a lilting, summer-breeze melody and arrangement over lyrics about swindling TV preachers.

2. "Letter to the Governor" - Jason Robert Brown - Parade (Original Broadway Cast)
A convicted murderer's wife pleads for leniency.

3. "Leaving Here" - The Who - Thirty Years of Maximum R&B
An early bit of hip, tight pop.

4. "Open" - Peter Gabriel - Passion (Music from The Last Temptation of Christ)
Slow, moody synth washes.

5. "Victory Celebration/End Title" - John Williams - Return of the Jedi (Film Score)
The new, lamer, world music ending. Bring back the Ewok song!

6. "End Credits (Broom Dance/Grr Ahh)" - Joss Whedon - Once More with Feeling
Short bit from Whedon's musical episode of Buffy.

7. "40'" - Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
I have a hard time figuring out what I think about Franz Ferdinand. Half the time I like them, half not as much. This time? Not as much.

8. "Christmas in the Mountains" - Paul Simon - The Capeman (Original Broadway Cast)
A cut song form the Puerto Rico sequence in Simon's shot at Broadway.

9. "Solid Rock" - Dire Straits - Making Movies
An almost swinging bit of straight-ahead piano-and-guitar rock from Dire Straits.

10. "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" - Frank Loesser - Guys and Dolls (1992 Broadway Revival Cast)
One of the all-time greats. This song makes it hard for high schools to do Guys and Dolls well, since finding a high school boy who can hit those notes is hard.

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