Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spoilers Ahoy!!!

USA Today has published what each of the remaining American Idol contestants will be singing tonight. If you'd rather not know, read no further:


Ace Young - "We Will Rock You"
Ugh. From his comments he's going to "R&B-ize" it. Double ugh. And an odd choice - this song doesn't really show off vocals at all.

Bucky Covington - "Fat Bottomed Girls"
Hm. Could be interesting. Doesn't require the range that a lot of Queen does, and I can see how a slightly leering country take could work. Will be interesting.

Chris Daughtry - "Innuendo"
An inspired choice. It's a great, great Queen song that most folks don't know with a real hard edge. He won't be unduly compared to the original, and it'll let him work from at least the vicinity of his wheelhouse.

Elliott Yamin - "Somebody to Love"
I really am having a hard time envisioning how he can not butcher this. His voice simply isn't big or agile enough--and the song demands it be both.

Katharine McPhee - "Who Wants to Live Forever"
Does Katherine read Tosy and Cosh? (No.) But she did pick what I would have picked for her. A very good song for her, especially if she can give it the focus and intensity it needs. If it becomes too "pretty" it will lose its power.

Kellie Pickler - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Ugh. Seriously. In a minute and a half, she won't be able to give any of the pieces justice. And I don't think she has the strength for the ending section.

Paris Bennett - "The Show Must Go On"
Awesome. Very, very. Awesome. As I said here, this song is a brave choice, and if done right could be one of those Idol moments to remember. Like "Innuendo," it's a relatively little-heard song (compared to things like "Bohemian Rhapsody" at least), so the comparisons to the original will be limited. And Paris just might be the person to pull off the intensity and power it needs. My fear is that she'll go the safe route and turn it into a simple, inspirational song about trying hard in the face of adversity. It's not it. It's a song about being defiant in the face of death.

Taylor Hicks - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
A good, but very easy choice. Nothing to really challenge him here.

Very curious to hear the performances tonight.

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