Monday, April 03, 2006

Excellent, Indeed.

What I love about the teaser trailer for the Summer 2007 The Simpsons: The Movie:

The brevity. Perfect for a teaser. In and out.

The main gag (Homer: "I forgot my line"). Classic Simpsons humor.

The follow-up gag. (Announcer: The Simpsons Movie. Coming July 27, 2007. Homer: Uh-oh. We better get started.) Undercutting expectations - the perfect sales pitch for a movie of a beloved, near-two-decade strong TV series. Face it - the movie will not be as a good as many a classic episode. But it could be great fun.

The final touch. That they realized that a trademark Mr. Burns "Excellent." was needed gives me great confidence.

I remain very hopeful.

Until Whenever

P.S. - In 1992, say, who would have guessed that a teaser for a movie of The Simpsons would have featured no Bart at all and only Homer?

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