Thursday, April 06, 2006

Humble Suggestions

Queen on American Idol next week will likely have me trying to tune in, something I haven't dome much of at all this season. Herewith are my oh-so-humble suggestions as to what each of the remaining eight should consider as a song choice. (Note - no one should try "Bohemian Rhapsody," if for no other reason than they won't give you the time to do it right.)

Ace Young - Thin, boy-bandish voice with an affection for falsetto? Try "You Take My Breath Away," a softer, lighter, airy early ballad from "A Day at the Races."

Bucky Covington - A middling country voice? Give us a slightly (please only slightly) countrified "Keep Yourself Alive."

Chris Daughtry - Aggressive rock voice? Try to give us a harder-edged "Tie Your Mother Down."

Elliott Yamin - Faux-funky, sub-Guarini pop voice? You might be able to pull off a more modern take on "Radio Ga Ga."

Katherine McPhee - Relatively well-controlled, strong-enough, bland "pretty" voice? Give us a strong, disciplined "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

Kellie Pickler - Sub-Underwood country-pop voice? A schmaltzy "You're My Best Friend" might fit the bill.

Paris Bennett - Aretha-sized powerhouse voice? Give us a knock-down, drag-out, holy roller, tear-the-roof-off-the-place "Somebody to Love." Beware that high note at the end.

Taylor Hicks--Semi-soulful Ray Charles/Joe Cocker voice? Try to give us an honestly felt "Those Were the Days of Our Lives."

PS - If any of you are feeling particularly brave, the song to tackle is "Show Must Go On," a powerhouse of a serious ballad. But beware. Freddie Mercury's original is beyond definitive, given that he recorded it late in his career, when he already knew he was dying. His resultant desperate, defiant, angry explosion of emotion at death is pretty much impossible to beat. That being said, it's a great, underheard song, and allows for some showing off, both in terms of vocal virtuosity and emotional singing. Very risky, but with real potential for greatness.

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