Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscar and a Hiatus

You've by now read lots of Oscar recaps and commentaries, so I'll be very brief:

Stewart was very funny. Those who have assailed his performance confuse me. But I do see how he might be wrong for the Oscars. What I finally realized is that the Oscars want a host who can be funny by mocking them while at the same time completely kissing their ass. And Billy Crystal is the only modern host who has been able to pull this off. It's kind of like making fun of an uncle you have a good relationship with, when underneath any playful jibe is the understanding that you worship the guy. Crystal does this with the Oscars--"Hey, the show is long isn't it? Man, I love the Oscars!"

Steve Martin and, even more so, John Stewart, are more sincere with their mockery. Stewart Sunday night was more like making fun of an uncle you like fine, and respect, but aren't that tight with, and being serious with some of your joking. Crystal is "you're fat but don't ever change." Stewart is "You're fat, and we can kid about it, but seriously--lose some weight."

I didn't see nearly enough of the nominees to get worked up over any of the winners. I did see Crash and thought it excellent--so it's winning Best Picture was OK by me.

Morgan Freeman is one of the very, very few actors who can go tieless to the Oscars and look cool, not lame.

The whole slow-motion montage behind Kathleen York singing was silly, but the wife made a good point--it wasn't meant to be seen in closeups. From the back of the theater it was probably a lot less lame.

And that's about all I got.

Oh--a bookkeeping note. T&C will be taking a brief hiatus for a week or so, to enjoy some "away from the computer" time. Be back soon!

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Random Blog Commentator said...

Hey Tosy~ Thanks for sharing your blog. I'm in N New Jersey too! I didn't watch the Oscars, but now that I have read your blog..I don't think I missed out on much. I really liked "Crash" also. I think it successfully did what "Grand Canyon" attempted to do many years ago. (remember that one? with Steve Martin?)
Anyway...thanks again for sharing your blog.

James Tata said...

This is a good comment about Stewart and Crystal. Dead on, in fact.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Random--Thanks for the kind words. Took a look at your site, since your a NJ-ian, too. Never saw a production at Pax Amicus--do they do a lot of original stuff? I've a play I wrote a few years back sitting in a drawer that I don't know what to do with . . .

James--I couldn't figure out who Whoopi Goldberg was though . . .