Friday, March 24, 2006

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "'How de saucer stan' now, my sister?'" - George Gershwin - Porgy and Bess
Probably my second-favorite opera, after Britten's Peter Grimes.

2. "Can You Be True" - Elvis Costello - North
Elvis writing some low-key, reflective songs in the style of the greats. Hard to think of someone who can rock as well as Elvis and sing this kind of music so well.

3. "Finale" - Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman - The Secret Garden (Original Broadway Cast)
The very happy ending.

4. "Foolproof" - Thomas Newman - Finding Nemo (Film Score)
A very short 60s-style, funky bass-led, spy-sounding piece.

5. "Remembering Petticoat Lane" - John Williams - Jurassic Park (Film Score)
A quiet, reflective track from an underrated Williams score.

6. "Cars and Cars" - Paul Simon - Hearts and Bones
An odd song, and not a favorite. "Cars are cars," Simon sings, over and over, over a half-assed stuttering bass-led figure.

7. "I Can Give You Anything But Love" - Louis Armstrong - The Essential Louis Armstrong
An early recording, soft and swinging--the kind of thing you might hear on the radio in a Tom and Jerry short.

8. "Holy Thursday" - William Bolcom - Songs of Innocence and Experience
I just got this and haven't delved into its three disc-length much yet. Very interesting classical piece, though, with styles ranging like crazy. This has an old-English, carol-like feel to it.

9. "Morphine Tango" - John Kander and Fred Ebb - Kiss of the Spider Woman (Original Broadway Cast)
A dream-sequence like number, with the main character hallucinating while under the influence of, yes, morphine.

10. "So Many People" - Stephen Sondheim - Saturday Night (2000 Off-Broadway Cast)
A very early Sondheim love ballad from his first, but unproduced-for-several decades, musical. Simpler and sweeter than most of the music he would later become famous for.

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