Friday, January 23, 2009

Doin' the Friday Shuffle

1. "Why Trust a Shark?" - Thomas Newman - Finding Nemo
Newman's Nemo score is not the equal of his transcendent WALL-E score, but a good 'un nonetheless. I like the ominous electric guitar here.

2. "Anakin's Betrayal" - John Williams - The Revenge of the Sith
A gorgeous, heartbreaking piece of music. I really don't think Willilams' Sith score got the kudos it deserved. This is Star Wars music to stand with all other Star Wars music.

3. "Lizzie's Coming Home" - Schmidt & Jones - 110 in the Shade (2007 Broadway Revival)
Lizzie's father and brothers celebrate her return from vacation. I love how simple musicals can be.

4. "Baba O'Riley" - Jordis Unga - Rock Star
The soundtrack from the first season. This suffers mostly in being an attempt to stuff a much more epic song into barely three minutes. Unga is great though.

5. "The Axiom" - Thomas Newman - Wall-E
Newman starts small and then opens up the palette to convey the size and immense scope of the ship as WALL-E looks on in delight. Gorgeous.

6. "Bedtime" - Alan Menken - The Little Mermaid
A bit of scoring, with Ariel looking on in wonder at the surface world in the castle.

7. "Electrical Storm" - U2 - The Best of 1990 - 2000
A very solid, near-great U2 song. Are other band's best-of add-on tracks as good as U2's?

8. "Dress Big" - Sondheim - The Frogs (2004 Broadway Cast)
Lesser Sondheim. There's not much of it out there.

9. "Bama Lama Loo" - Elvis Costello - Kojak Variety
Elvis cuts loose with a raucous Little Richard cover. Fun.

10. "Fish in My Hair" - Thomas Newman - Finding Nemo
What are the odds? There are 40 tracks in this album. 12,170 tracks in total on the iPod. Do the math. (Really - do it. I don't know how.)

Until Whenever


bill said...

Why hasn't Jordis released an album? There's gotta be a story there. I fear she's missed her window.

Tosy And Cosh said...

There was noise after the show, but nothing ever came of it. I've also wondered why - she was, to me, by far the most intriguing talent there. It's hard for a solo "rock" voice who can't write though - I wonder if that was part of the problem. Although the success of Daughtry would seem to be an exception - he doesn't write his own stuff, does he?

bill said...

I'd agree she was the most intriguing talent. As for Although the success of Daughtry would seem to be an exception - he doesn't write his own stuff, does he?

I recognize that Daughtry references a singer, but I'd have wiki and youtube him to have any idea who he is exactly.