Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Faced

I've been slowly watching the first season of my beloved Chicago Hope on Hulu and this week got to episode seven, which was about the sudden discovery of a terminal illness for one character and, in the B plot, the struggle of Mandy Patinkin's Dr. Jeffrey Geiger as he prepares to operate on a mobster in witness protection.

I had forgotten about it, but there was a running bit in the episode with three residents chafing at Geiger's abuse and planning a practical joke involving a horse. I've no idea who one of the guys was, but the other was a young Jon Favreau and the other a young Kristen Johnson. I love seeing familiar faces in an older context on old shows, and this was an especially neat treat, as Favreau has gone on to such directorial heights.

Until Whenever

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