Thursday, October 09, 2008


In a comment to this post, Jaquandor asked why I don't drink. I put this in the comments there, but thought it bore posting on its own.

If you gave me a big bowl of M&Ms, I would eat the whole thing. Now, about a third of the way through, I wouldn't WANT anymore M&Ms. But they would still be there, and so I would still eat them.

Based on this little bit of self-knowledge (and a little bit of family history), I have always suspected alcohol and I should not mix. And we never have. In 34 years, my total alcohol consumption comprises:
  • A sip or two of beer as a kid (thought it was gross)
  • A sip or two of wine as a teen (thought it was OK)
  • A shot of cherry brandy foisted on me after shoveling the driveway of my wife's kindly Greek landlords before we were married.
And that's it. I feined sipping the champagne toast at my wedding, my sister's wedding, and my father's wedding. Such hardcore abstinence may well be overkill. But I'm fine with never finding out.

Until Whenever

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