Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Won't You Sing with Me?

Taking a page from Tom, here are the ABCs of things Tosy and Cosh love:

A.I. - A deeply moving, gorgeous movie with a central performance that stands as the best child performance I've seen since Henry Thomas in E.T.

Bono - The best singer in rock, for my money.

Coltrane, John - Just try listening to A Love Supreme and not being moved.

Deadwood - Whose second season I am enjoying immensely.

E.T. - Stop making me cry, damn it!

Freaks and Geeks - This just might be the biggest hole in my DVD collection. If you are a fan and haven't been reading Alan Sepinwall's recaps - stop reading my drivel and get there now!!!

Goldthwait, Bobcat - A much funnier comic than you might imagine.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Mightily duels A Charlie Brown Christmas for the title of "best Christmas special ever."

Indiana Jones IV - I'm loving what little bits have spilled out so far.

Jones, Edward P. - My favorite, if least prolific (one novel), literary writer working today.

King, Stephen - The storyteller of a generation. Or two. Or three.

Lost - The best television show on the air now.

Mann, Aimee - Who is overdue for a new album.

Nixon in China - Opera can be fun!

Ocean, The - Is anything as enervating as a swim in the ocean?

Part, Arvo - An Estonian composer who writes slow, seemingly simple, devastating music for choir.

Queen - There ain't no Freddie Mercurys any more.

Radiohead - Cause sometimes I needs me artsy-fartsy.

Sondheim - The man who has never had a smash hit will be remembered, and performed, a hundred years hence much more than such hitmakers as Andrew Lloyd Weber and Stephen Schwartz. Count on it.

Tunnel of Love - The forgotten Springsteen album.

U2 - The band I live and breathe.

Vivid - A great debut album from a band that never got back to those heights again (Living Colour).

Where You Are - Tracy Chapman's unjustly ignored most recent album.

XTC - I actually don't love these guys as much as like them, but finding Xs is hard!

Young, Neil - It took me a long time to realize that what Young does best is write and perform delicate, ethereal ballads.

Zooropa - A little bit of artsy-fartsy from U2.

Until Whenever


Tom the Dog said...

I used XTC too, when I did my first A to Z list a couple years back. X is hard!

And I haven't forgotten Tunnel of Love. What a lovely album it is. And oh yes, the Coltrane. I said on my list, Full Moon Fever is one of the top ten albums ever recorded; A Love Supreme is another.

Tosy And Cosh said...

5 years ago, I would have put Kind of Blue way above A Love Supreme. Nowadays, it's a much closer call for me.