Monday, August 13, 2007


Jaquandor, knowing that resistance is futile and that I will steal a meme as soon as I’d take a sip of water, tags me with the below. Jaq’s fun twist on this meme is that participants are encouraged to add a question before tagging. So:

Four jobs I've had or currently have in my life:
1. Proposal writer – writing business proposals for a large accounting/professional services firm
2. Copywriter—writing copy for a small marketing firm
3. Account rep – formatting and overseeing production and quality control of airline menus
4. Membership rep – renewing memberships and processing dues payments for members of Actors’ Equity

(fun stuff, huh?)

Four countries I have been to:
1. Poland
2. Estonia
3. Lithuania
4. Russia

(I did a tour of Eastern Europe with the Rutgers University Glee Club eleven or so years ago)

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Home, playing with two rambunctious three-year olds
2. Exiting the ocean, and about to plop down in a beach chair with my iPod playing Neon Bible and reading Until I Find You
3. In the White Mountain region of New Hampshire, floating in a swimming hole
4. Finally watching that DVD of King Kong I got at Christmas

Four foods I like to eat:
1. Good and spicy Buffalo wings veritably smothered in blue cheese dressing
2. Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream
3. A tender and towering lamb osso bucco
4. Warm chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven dipped into cold whole milk

Four personal heroes, past or present:
1. Bono
2. Stephen Sondheim
3. Beethoven
4. Stephen King

(I know I should be more political, and that none of these remarkably talented men are really "heroes," but they are the ones whose works have moved me the most)

Four songs it would hurt the most to never hear again (New Question!):
1. “Where the Streets Have No Name” – U2
2. “No More” – Stephen Sondheim
3. “Check It Out” – John Mellencamp
4. “Sugar Baby” – Bob Dylan

Until Whenever

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