Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, This is Just Too Much Fun To Pass Up

Thanks Tom! And, like Tom, I'll (mostly) try and avoid the albums I've already plugged in other posts.

Agnus Dei - Various Artists
A really lovely collection of choral pieces sung by boy choir.

Big Daddy - John Mellencamp
A nicely understated Mellencamp album, very underrated.

Crossroads - Tracy Chapman
Chapman's second album, as is the usual with artists whose first albums hit big, underwhelmed. And yet there's some really lovely stuff on this.

De Profundis - Arvo Part
Probably my favorite Part collection.

Elaine Stritch at Liberty - Elaine Stritch
Part one-woman show, part concert, and remarkably engrossing.

Freedom - Neil Young
One his most solid albums, with the soft/hard bookends of "Rockin' in the Free

Graceland - Paul Simon
A landmark album.

Hold Me to This - Christopher O'Riley
Classical piano versions of Radiohead songs.

Il Sogno - Elvis Costello
Elvis' ballet score, the rare example of a pop artist writing "classical" music and doing it well.

John Wesley Harding - Bob Dylan
Lesser Dylan is still damn good.

Kid A - Radiohead
Artsy-fartsy, but not too.

The Last Five Years - Jason Robert Brown
A tight, ingeniously structured little two-character musical.

Munich - John Williams
Williams' best score since Schindler's List

Nixon in China - John Adams
A propulsive, mesmerizing opera.

On Every Street - Dire Straits
Dire Straits' last album, a fine farewell.

Porgy and Bess - Gershwin
Still the definitive American opera.

Queen II - Queen
Early Queen, before they got as poppy as they did.

Ragtime - Flaherty and Ahrens
One of the best old-school, heart-on-the-sleeve musical theater scores.

Sneakers - James Horner
A moody, sneaky little scofre.

Time's Up - Living Colour
Another underappreciated second album.

Unsung Sondheim - Sondheim
A great collection of lost Sondheim songs.

A View from the Bridge - William Bolcom
The right Arthur Miller play to turn into an opera, based as it is on Greek tragedy structure.

The Wild Party - Michael John La Chiusa
A wonderful pastiche of a score, with an angry, impassioned performabce by Mandy Patinkin at its core

XO - Elliot Smith
A lesson in songwriting craft.

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco
Not as good as the hype, but a fine album

Zooropa - U2
The saving grace of finding a "z."

Until Whenever


Tom the Dog said...

Cool! Another list! Boy, I don't have very many albums on your list at all. Big Daddy, Freedom, Graceland, Time's Up. I think that's it. I think you've got a much larger music collection than I do!

Tosy And Cosh said...

Probably not larger as much a more diverse - after all, I didn't have most of what was on yours either! I've got small jazz, classical, opera, and musical theater collections in amongst the rock stuff.