Monday, July 23, 2007

Question Meme

We're back! And, as Jaq indignantly pointed out in the comments to this post, we have been remiss. The intent of The Questions Meme is to return the favor by asking questions of the questioner as well, and I publicly apologize to Jaq for my tardiness.

So - in the comments to this post are Jaq's questions. And if anyone else would like five questions asked of them, all they need do is ask.

Until Whenever


Tosy And Cosh said...

5 Questions for Jaq:

1. What potential storyline set up in the third season of Once and Again are you most disapointed they never got to address?

2. What John Williams theme is your most treasured, and why?

3. What single location - not a town or region, but a discrete place (a single park, or field, or lake) - is your favorite?

4. What piece of art - a song, a tv episode, a film - made you cry the most upon first seeing it - the largest, wettest, most copious tears.

5. You are given the magical ability to have any career in teh arts you want. But the gift comes with a price; you will no longer be able to physically write (or dictate - don't get picky about the details; youcan't write). Do you take it? And what would you do?

If anyone else would like 5 questions of their very own, just leave them here.

Roger Owen Green said...

ME ME ME ME ME. Please.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Here you are Roger:

1. Which of your daughter's innumerable wondrous traits and abilities makes you smile the most?

2. Where stand you on the question of libraries filtering the Internet on their public computers, to protect kids?

3. You must (not can, but are forced to) eliminate one musical genre from the face of the earth. Which is it?

4. Who is the most underrated actor working today?

5. What job do you wish you had?