Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lost Thoughts

As Lost moves into the end stages of Season Three, I'm finding myself, much against the grain of much of the Internet-based fanbase, of becoming more and more fond of the season. Last week's episode was notable in its several reveals - what happened to Claire, Juliet's backstory, the truth (maybe) of her joining the beach crew - but even more notable, for me, were a few acting moments. Josh Holloway's performance of the moment when Jack and Kate return was a revelation - without one word he was able to very clearly convey the changes Sawyer has gone through in the two or so months they've been on the island. In particular, the way he made his feelings for Kate known was remarkably clear and affecting.

At the same time, Elizabeth Mitchell was masterly, throughout, but especially in the scene where Ben shows her video of her sister and her little boy. The way that Mitchell showed us Juliet being just completely overtaken by emotions was what impressed me the most - she didn't play just relief, or joy, or sadness, but a wrenching combination of all three.

What also impressed me greatly about that moment was how invested in it the show was able to get me - it was a very effecting emotional moment, that moved me as a viewer, and yet that particular storyline has hardly gotten oodles of screen time - a couple of flashback scenes in one episode prior and in this on and that's it. And yet it was extremely involving.

Whatever faults Lost may have, and even I'll admit it has some, the production values - from the direction to the acting to the editing to the scoring (especially to the scoring) - are impeccable week in and week out, and do not get near enough credit. So as we move into the endgame - and to a season finale that will most likely leave us to go seven-plus Lost-less months - I'll say, loud and proud, that Lost is still delivering the goods, in pretty much every way.

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