Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tosy and Cosh: The Soundtrack

A fun meme via Lefty. The putative soundtrack to my life described below was generated off a random iPod shuffle.

Opening credits: "The Birds" Benjamin Britten, A Ceremony of Carols
Angelic choir. Nice.

Waking up: "Drowning Man" - U2
A defeated, resigned, beginning to my day as I awake and ready for work. Accurate!

First day of school: "Helpless" - Neil Young
I apparently go to school in North Ontario.

Falling in love: "Interlude I" - Benjamin Britten, Peter Grimes
Tense and spooky music. A foreboding and ominous turn of events - will this love story not be a happy one?

First song: "Got a Devilish Grin" - Clint Mansell, Requiem for a Dream
My first song is a very tongue-in-cheek samba line.

Breaking up: "Hold Fast to Dreams" Dave Brubeck
Another oddly appropriate one; a bittersweet art song about not losing hope.

Prom: "Spirit on the Water" - Bob Dylan
I go to the prom in the 1930s, with Bob Dylan as bandleader. Sweet!

Life: "Merrily We Roll Along" - Stephen Sondheim
"Yesterday is done/See the pretty countryside/Everybody merrily, merrily rolling along." Perfect.

Mental Breakdown: "Superhuman" - Velvet Revolver
I breakdown to bad hard rock.

Driving: "An Cat Dubh" - U2
A moody drive in the dark, probably a foggy night.

Flashback: "The Monorail Song" - The Cast of The Simpsons
I flashback to the time I swindled a town of yellow rubes out of a ton of money.

Getting back together: "'Twas on a Holy Thursday" - William Bolcom
A cheery, joyous occasion!

Wedding: "How Can I Lose You?" - Adam Guettel
My love life is seemingly ominous always, as my bride leaves me on the altar.

Birth of Child: "Chega de Saudabe" - Antonio Carlos Jobim
My child is born to gentle bossa nova.

Final Battle: "4th of July" - U2
And a dull, meandering battle it is.

Death Scene: "Oxford Town" - Bob Dylan
I die to the strains of Dylan and his guitar, as I head off to an afterlife I seem to have dubbed "Oxford Town."

Funeral song: "Two Fairy Tales" - Stephen Sondheim
At my funeral my life is remembered in song and in fairy tale allegory.

End Credits: "Saul Has Slain His Thousands" - Alan Menken/Tim Rice
A triumphant tune plays out over the credits . . .

Until Whenever


Marsha said...

A Merrily We Roll Along fan! I knew I liked you!

Tosy And Cosh said...

Love Merrily. One of the best overtures ever, right up there with Gypsy's. And I just adore beyond all measure that after years of hearing criticism that his shows never have happy endings, Sondheim finally produced a play that ends on a supremely optimistic note (but a note that, given the backwards structure, is really just shatteringly heartbreaking). Genius.