Friday, February 09, 2007

Something in My Eye

EW's PopWatch blog has a neat post and comments thread running now about TV moments that made you cry. I could list many, but I'll settle for one no one in the thread mentioned . A late-in-the-run All in the Family, when Michael and Gloria move to California. The end of the ep has Gloria and Edith in tears saying their goodbyes, and when Gloria runs to the cab crying Edith can't bear to watch and runs back inside. Leaving Archie and Mike on the porch. A clearly choked-up Mike, if memory serves without looking directly at Archie, says something to the effect of "I know you always thought I hated you Arch. But I want you to know. I love you." He then gives Archie a fierce hug as Archie looks straight ahead, clearly moved and trying not to show it, saying nothing. Mike runs of the porch to the cab and Archie tries, mostly successfully but not completely, to hold back tears. Beautifully played and executed.

Until Whenever

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Roger Owen Green said...

yes, it was. I teared up watching it.