Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Short and the Long of It

What are the shortest and longest tracks in my music collection?


The shortest track, at 2 seconds, is the "Bad Robot" sign-off, taken from an early bootlegged version of the Lost soundtrack. The shortest song or piece of music proper, as opposed to transition pieces, dialogue snippets, and brief film score snippets, (and yes, this is very subjective) is the "Itchy and Scratchy" end credits bit ("they fought, they bit, they fought and fought and bit . . .") at 17 seconds.


The longest track, technically, is a raw file of a U2 concert, unedited - 1:24:47. The longest actual piece of music is the Scherzo from Mahler's Second Symphony - at 32 minutes and 35 seconds the longest movement in my classical collection. The longest song (i.e., one sung piece) is Bob Dylan's epic "Highlands," a sixteen minute and 31 second pastoral, ambling ballad.

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Roger Owen Green said...

As I have noted elsewhere, this hi=urt my head.