Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Buried Beauties* - Debra Messing

In her many years on Will & Grace Messing never got the salivating attention from menfolk that many other hit TV actresses seemed to. And yet I'd say she's much more beautiful - in a classic way, too, and not in the quirky way that I'm usually drawn to - than, say Jennifer Aniston or Eva Langoria.

Until Whenever

*Correction--As Roger Green has quite reasonably pointed out, Debra Messing, lack of Maxim covers notwithstanding, is hardly a "buried" beauty. Consider this a "Not-Particularly-Buried-Beauty" post, instead.


Roger Owen Green said...

Really? I'm not arguing that she's not attractive, I'm arguing that she's a HIDDEN beauty. She's #31 on the Ask Men survey oif attractive actresses at

Tosy And Cosh said...

You make a convincing point. Expect a correction.