Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The mixed CD exchange Gordon is running from his blog is up and running - so far I've received three of six mixes. The theme was pretty simple - Law and Order, or songs about criminals and the cops who nab them, or lawbreaking in all of its various and sundry forms. I'll gab about my mix at a later date, when the participants have had a chance to get their discs. For this post, I'll chat about Lefty's mix, Lawbreakers.

What has this mix taught me? That I really do love Fiona Apple ("Criminal"). That I really do not like Judas Priest (the mix's opening with "Breaking the Law" got me off to a wrong start) or, particularly, INXS (similarly, "Listen Like Thieves" had me itching to hit the skip button. On the other hand, I have never, to my knowledge, heard any of Robbie Williams' music, but the energetic, somewhat theatrical "Karma Killer" has me very eager to hear more - this is a great, fun track. The next track ("I'm Your Villain") keeps the energy up nicely, and makes me realize how much I really do like that Franz Ferdinand album I got and listened to a handful of times. But then we get to a Steve Earle song (Condi, Condi) - and, from this and some of the other mixes I've received so far, I have to say that I really don't like Steve Earle. This song seems to play with the idea that "Condi" sounds like "Candy" if sung in a faux-Jamaican accent. So we get a bad reggae pastiche all about how the singer would like to see Condi let loose. Hah.

Overall I liked Lefty's mix, liked the variety it offered in terms of types of music, different sounds, etc. Sure, it had its fair share of artists I don't like (Rod Stewart) or are indifferent towards (The Rolling Stones), but that's to be expected. And it did a mix's primary job well - it introduced me to a few artists I will be inspired to explore in more depth in the future. It also, in at least one case (Bruce Springsteen's "Jesse James") has reminded me to get an album I really have been wanting to check out.

Until Whenever


Lefty said...

Get the new version of the Springsteen that comes out today. It has three additional songs (or something like that).

Oh and for Christmas I'm getting you some better taste in music...if I can afford it.

You and me, outside. We're gonna rumble, and tear the internet in half!

BTW I thought of you when I read the latest Nextwave, which had the Mindless Ones doing a West Side Story montage.

(In case you haven't noticed, I'm just kidding about any animosity...sometimes that doesn't come across in print)

Tosy And Cosh said...

Thanks for the Bruce tip. And there's nothing wrong with my taste in music.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Sorry. That was supposed to be, "there's nothing wrong with my taste in music. ;)"

EM said...

Well, Iguess my disc is going to hit that sore Steve Earle nerve too. Maybe even more so, because it includes a lot of stuff from folks in his circle. Oh well...

But how can you not love a song that includes the line "Skank with me Condi"?


Tosy And Cosh said...

I guess I'm just a grumpy guess. Some of the stuf fon your disc (or at least one of them; haven't listened to the second yet) just aren't my style but there are gems there too - I really liked the Jennifer Rose cut; she's got a strong pure voice.