Friday, February 24, 2006

Can the Third Time be the Charm When Times the First and Second Were Pretty Damn Good in Their Own Right? (Or, Excuse Me While I Geek Out Some)

I thought Spider-Man was great--Maguire was perfect, the style was just right and, costume aside, Dafoe essayed a fine, fine goblin.

I thought Spider-Man 2 was even better, with a scary, credible Doc Ock and a classic Spider-Man story--Peter Parker's life sucks and he quits being Spidey--as the hook.

I was interested and excited for Spider-Man 3 from the beginning.

When I heard there were going to be two villains I was slightly nervous, but still very optimistic.
When I heard that Thomas Haden Church would be Sandman I was extremely intrigued.

When I heard that Topher Grace was going to be the other villain, with no official confirmation of who but all rumors pointing to Venom, I was confused but supremely intrigued.

And today, via PopWatch I see this:

That's not a black and white photo--it's a dark-grey costume.

I am dying to see this movie.

In 15 months.


Until Whenever

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