Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Rare Sighting

I stopped reading comics regularly about two years ago. Not because I thought myself, on the precipice of 30, "above" them, but simply because for the first time since college I found myself without easy access to a comic book store. I tried the on-line route for a while, ordering from Midtown Comics, which I used to frequent when I worked in Times Square, but was not diligent enough to keep up with ongoing series, and after too many frustrating times of missing issues in the middle of storylines, I stopped, more or less cold turkey. I've kept up with Ultimate Spider-Man via the trades, and read a handful of other collections (I just got the first Ultimates 2 trade, which I loved, but I find, ironically, that shelling out the cash for trade after trade just seems too expensive (even if I intellectually know that I was spending far more when buying 4-6 titles a week).

All of this preamble is just to preface my statement that I haven't followed any of the Identity Crisis stuff going on at DC. So I was surprised to see that the comic (which came out today I guess), and the new direction it heralds for DC, got an article in The New York Times. It's a good piece too, explaining to this lapsed fan what DC was doing pretty clearly. Anyway, it's always nice to see the four-color men and women in tights get a prominent mention in the mainstream press.

Until Whenever

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