Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leading a TiVO-Less Life

Well, we're a good three weeks or so into the new season and my television habits are pretty much set for now. Seemingly alone amongst my fellow pop culture bloggers, I am TiVO-less, and very lazy/inconsistent with the VCR, so, more or less, I either watch a show when it's aired or not at all. I feel so antiquated. Looking at the schedule, and having sampled the new shows I care to, this is what I expect to watch on a more or less regular basis week in and out:

8-10: King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Out of Practice
Queens is good solid old-fashioned sitcom goodness; Mother, in three episodes has shown promise; Men continues to grow on me, especially as the get less mushy and more cynical; and Practice doesn't suck. Nothing at ten entices me.

8-9: Gilmore Girls
9-10: House
10-11: Law & Order: SVU
Gilmore Girls is one of ny favorite shows, so well-written and acted. House is a little formulaic, but has potential, and Laurie is great. And SVU is the least-formulaic of the L&Os--this past Tuesday's episode was actually entirely gripping.

9-10: Lost
Ironic that I'd love to follow Veronica Mars and Criminal Minds (which features my beloved Mandy Patinkin--such a remarkable actor) and yet both are on opposite my easily favorite show, Lost, while nothing else on that night appeals to me at all. Stupid scheduling. Stupid lack of TiVO.

8-8:30: Joey or Everybody Hates Chris
8:30-9: Will & Grace
9-11: Apprentice, ER
Loved the Chris premiere but missed the second ep. Still like Joey enough, and am curious enough to see if they can save the show, to be on the fence here. I'm one of the few who will admit to thinking Will & Grace is still laugh-out-loud funny. I hate that I watch The Apprentice, but I do, and my ER-love is documented elsewhere.

Not a thing.


8-8:30: The Simpsons
I try to catch The Simpsons but Sunday nights seem to be tough for some reason. If I can I'll watch Family Guy too, but, again, I don't seem to generally be able to sit in front of the TV on Sundays.

Not too overloaded, at that.

Until Whenever


tomthedog said...

UPN has been repeating Veronica Mars on Sundays, in case you still want to try to catch it. The season opener showed no letdown at all from the first season. Great stuff.

Lynn S said...

Don't feel all alone. We don't have TiVO and when we got cable a couple of months ago the cable guy failed to hook up the VCR and we ("we" meaning the technically literate half of the family) haven't gotten around to hooking it up. We rarely recorded shows anyway. Like you, we usually just choose from whatever is on.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I actually didn't see season 1 of VM--will get the DVDs from Blcokbuster to catch up.