Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The good folks over at A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago have reminded me that The Princess Bride turned 25 today. What a damn fine movie. Rather than share quotes or theories as to why this odd hybrid of comedy, romance, satire, and adventure works as well as it does, I thought I'd encourage anyone who hasn't to check out the "cast reminisces" feature on the DVD (I assume it's on the new Blu-Ray as well). My two favorite anecdotes from that feature:

Robin Wright Penn tells a story about how cold it was filming outside and how in her light gown she would be shivering and how Andre the Giant would come up behind her and lay his massive hand on her head, the heel of his palm at the nape of her neck and his fingers coming down in front of her face and how it would warm her up just perfectly and as she tells it she tears up and now I am too.

Mandy Patinkin (holla) tells a story about prepping for filming the "Inigo kills the Count" scene, and how he had recently lost his father to cancer, and how before filming he did laps, walking around the castle, just thinking about the cancer and how it killed his father, and how much he hated it, how when he filmed that scene it's cancer he's talking to, not Rugen, and damn now I'm crying again.

Damn I love this movie.

(A brief moment of silence for the passing of the Goldman/Guettel musical version)

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